After being imprisoned under the Nazi law paragraph 175, a German gay man and a Jewish woman’s unbreakable bond help them endure the horrors of the holocaust. Soon after their liberation, he is re-arrested under the same Nazi law. She now has to find the strength and courage to try to set him free. Based on true Events.


El Dorado 1932

There were over 100 homosexual bars/clubs in Berlin, one of the most famous ones was El Dorado. It was frequented by homosexual, lesbians, transexual’s and Heterosexuals.

El Dorado 1933

A week after Hitler took power in January 30th 1933, all homosexual bars were closed. El Dorado became one of their headquaters.

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    Sachsenhausen Prisoners
    This picture is taken from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's archive depicting men in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Since the picture is taken in black and white it is not possible to determine the color of the inverted triangles on their uniforms, which is why it is impossible to know definitively the status of these people. However, Sachsenhausen was one of the camps that housed homosexuals.
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    The Institude for Sexual Science
    The villa north of Tiergarten Park near the Reichstag in Berlin that housed the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft (The Institute for Sexual Science).
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    Die Freundin
    This was a newspaper for lesbians.  There were a number of gay publications in Berlin.   Die Freundschaft and Insel were for gay males.  There were numerous guidebooks to Berlin's gay nightlife, bars, etc.
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    Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld
    The late 19th century saw the birth of sexology with such prominent names like Krafft-Ebing, Havelock Ellis, and Auguste Forel taking on the question of homosexuality, its nature and origins.  Most concluded that homosexuality is indeed innate and somehow biologically determined.   Many like Freud and Krafft-Ebing continued to describe it as pathological, if not exactly criminal. The pioneering sexologist who broke with this consensus was Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.
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    Costume Party
    A costume party held at the Institute for Sexual Science with Hirschfeld seated on the right.
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    Institute Destruction (1933)
    Shortly after the Nazi takeover, the Institute was closed, looted, and its library and archives publicly burned.
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    Institute Destruction (1933)
    Most of the photos and film clips of Nazi book burnings show the destruction of the Institute's library.

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